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  • Event Date: 23-Jun-2022
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Description: The International Yoga Day is celebrated across the world annually on June 21since 2015. It celebrates the physical and spiritual power that yoga has brought to the world stage. This year, the theme for International Yoga Day was "Yoga for Humanity". This year the Yoga Day was carried out with great fervour at Lucknow Public School, Sector - I. The session was held in our school ground. A mass Yoga was organized where the teachers and students respectively performed several asanas. On 23rd June, Inter - Branch competitions of teachers went down where competitions like- Softboard decoration, Poster making, Slogan writing, Salad decoration and Yoga Asanas competitions were held. All the participants were ardent to perform and aced all the competitions. The results were: In individual Yoga presentation, Eldeco and Ahiyaraipur branch stood first, Pragatipuram second , sector - I third . In Poster making, Lps, South City stood first, Sector - D, sector - C, Unnao stood second and Pragatipuram stood third. In Slogan writing, Scctor - I stood first, South City second, Sector - D, Sector - B, unnao third. In Salad and Drinks making competition, Eldeco was first, Ahiyaraipur was second and Sector - I was third. In Softboard decoration, South City was first, Pragatipuram got second position and Eldeco was third.