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"LIBRARY JUNCTION"-Library Activity
  • Event Date: 01-Aug-2022
  • Updated On: 01-Aug-2022
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Description: "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body". Today on the 1st of August at Lucknow Public School, Sector-I a library activity "LIBRARY JUNCTION" was held, where the school's library was turned into a junction of different book genres. Station no.1 was Fantasy, two horror, three mystery, four mythology, five Biography, six moral stories and seven adventure. The students delivered information about their junction and highlighted there main ideas. They were dressed up like their genres which was the peak point of the activity. The students were given station tickets and they stopped at different book junctions to gather information about each of them. Overall the activity was full of facts and learning . The students became more aware about the insights of reading and enjoyed themselves to depth.